Consultants join Saltaire Stories Volunteers

Using the Heritage Lottery  grant awarded last December, Saltaire Stories has appointed consultants to advise on our plans for increasing public use of the Saltaire Archive. Many boxes of material in the new Saltaire Archive Room at Shipley College have been carefully checked in recent months by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Katharine Carlton and Sophie Adamson will lead an 18-day Archive Consultancy, working with volunteers to “map” educational themes within the Archive and to develop a long-term plan for archive care. They will assist the volunteer team to build up essential skills to manage the Archive as a learning resource.

Once the mapping exercise is underway, Peter Ralley and Allan Randall will begin a 16-day Education Consultancy. They will match key themes in the Saltaire Archive with aspects of the national curriculum and areas of study in further, higher and informal education.  The result will be a strategy for use of archive material both on-line and when people visit Saltaire.


Volunteers in the newly designated Saltaire Archive Room 






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