Views from Education Stakeholders

Our third annual workshop to sharpen the educational aims of Saltaire Stories was held on 18th July.  Last year we had 17 participants, this year 30 people attended – a tight fit around five discussion tables in Shipley College’s Learning Resource Centre!


Discussion underway – the Saltaire Archive Room door is visible in the background.


Participants brought a wide range of experience, from formal education to museums and archives, to local heritage groups and businesses.  They had had been asked to reflect in advance on three questions:

  1. Where does Saltaire as a learning resource fit within your wider work?
  2. What links do you have with holders of Saltaire-related material?
  3. How can learners be informed of resources, activities and programmes of study with a Saltaire connection?

The session showed a wonderful variety of ways in which Saltaire is used for both formal and informal education.  As we know from World Heritage Weekend, Saltaire Festival,  Saltaire Arts Trail etc. many organisations co-operate already to present activities.

There is a shared vision to make Saltaire better known and used as a “world classroom”.   Saltaire Stories is committed to finding effective methods!  Our workshop findings will be made available as our first year of Heritage Lottery funding concludes and we prepare our Stage 2 bid for work in 2017-19.


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