My favourite Saltaire Archive object…

One of the Saltaire World Heritage Education Association (SWHEA) Trustees shares her favourite object from Saltaire Archive.

My favourite object is…

Saltaire Archive (SLTSA.2018.X)_1
Saltaire Archive (SLTSA.2018.9) – Saltaire United Reformed Church leaf (39cm x 15cm)

…the wonderful lead leaf from the Saltaire United Reformed Church. It was donated by long standing Saltaire History Club member Anthony Briggs. Anthony was formerly a plumber working for Arthur Myers of 55 Gordon Terrace, Saltaire.

Anthony explained that this leaf originally formed part of the decoration on the Church roof. He cast the leaves himself. They were originally held in place by rivets but these were gradually worn away by friction, causing the leaves to move during high winds and needing to be periodically replaced.

Saltaire Archive (SLTSA.2018.X)_1
Saltaire Archive (SLTSA.2018.9) – Anthony’s illustration of Saltaire United Reform Church

Anthony donated the leaf along with his beautiful accompanying drawings which help explain where the leaves were positioned on the roof and how difficult it was to carry out the maintenance work required.

Saltaire Archive (SLTSA.2018.X)_3
Saltaire Archive (SLTSA.2018.9) – Anthony’s maintenance sketch

Saltaire Archive is grateful to Roger Clarke who was first in conversation with Anthony which then led to Anthony’s donation. It really is a ‘Saltaire Story’ to be remembered and cherished.




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