Our Vision

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Saltaire Stories is the education programme of Saltaire World Heritage Education Association. SWHEA was registered in 2014 as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.   Our work has grown through the skill and commitment of people willing to give time to a new initiative.

Our vision is to create new ways of learning about Saltaire, building on work by generations of local historians and researchers since Salts Mill opened in 1853. We aim to complement other visitor services, promoting links between heritage organisations, local societies and commercial enterprise.  This introductory website will be replaced by one tailored for educational needs.

By combining Saltaire Archive material and modern technology we can provide learning resources for schools, local residents and visitors of all ages and abilities.  Many UNESCO sites around the world offer outstanding educational experiences; to match that quality demands our best efforts.

Created Through Partnership

Saltaire Stories educational activities have grown from serious partnership working since 2009.  This became visible in the first World Heritage Weekend in 2011, organised by an informal body called Saltaire Learning.  Four years later a formal partnership was created: Saltaire World Heritage Education Association.

The three partner organisations within SWHEA are:

Many dedicated local people work hard to demonstrate the importance of Saltaire.  We recognise their distinctive contributions and the need for collaboration wherever possible.  Our main contacts are with local individuals and organisations, but also extend more widely in response to the challenge of UNESCO values:

  • Mobilizing for education so that every child, boy or girl, has access to quality education
  • Building intercultural understanding through protection of heritage and support for cultural diversity
  • Pursuing scientific cooperation
  • Protecting freedom of expression

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