The Saltaire Lions

Why does Saltaire have its own lions?

Outside the Factory School and Victoria Hall in what was known as Victoria Square sit the now famed Saltaire Lions – named War, Peace, Vigilance and Determination.

It has to be said that the names were not given by Titus but by their sculptor Thomas Milne. The lions themselves were originally intended to sit at the base of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square. It is said that they were rejected because their size failed to match the grandeur of that site. Titus however, had no such problem with them and their sale was swift.


One thought on “The Saltaire Lions

  1. The following is from a newspaper report dated 19 May 1916
    At a recent meeting of the Shipley District Council it was stated by Councillor E Cowgill (chairman of the Libraries Committee) that both the inside and the outside of the Saltaire Institute requires renovating and the condition of the stone lions in front of the Institute and the Girls’ High School are “weathering” badly.
    Recognising that the Institution is in need of repair, and that something must be done to arrest the decay of the “lions,” the Council have appointed a committee to go into the whole matter and report.


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