Saltaire Hospital

What was Saltaire Hospital like?

Saltaire Hospital was originally a 2-storey building completed in 1868 as a casualty and convalescence ward for accidents in the mill. Allegedly, it began as one ward with six beds. Its development into a three-ward infirmary with surgical theatres and a further 18 beds came in response to the needs of the local community.

Sickness benefit societies were also established with workers paying a percentage of their wage as insurance to offset potential illness or accident. It would be almost half a century before this practice was established nationally.

Building extensions in 1908-9 and 1925 can be seen in the photographs (darker stone indicates the original scale). On both occasions care was taken to ensure the original roof and monogram crest were retained.

It served the people of Saltaire until 1979 after which it became a retirement home for a short time. Since 2001 it has been private apartments.


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