Baths and Wash House

Baths and Wash House

This distinctive building opened in 1863, costing around £7000. It was meticulously planned to benefit the health and comfort of village residents. There were private facilities for men and women (12 baths each), a Turkish bath, and a well equiped wash house.

Sadly, it did not prove popular with the local inhabitants. This may have been due to the small entry charge, but perhaps also the increasing preference to wash/bathe at home in private.

The unprofitable building, despite its grand design and progressive purpose, closed in 1894. Like many other large buildings in Bradford at the time, it was converted into worker’s cottages before eventual demolition in 1936.

Saltaire residents canvassed opinions about use of the site and, with support from Bradford Council, a community garden was created in 2011. It is maintained by local volunteers.


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