Railway Station

Railway Station

Saltaire Station was completed in 1858 although specially chartered trains had been arriving on the existing line from Bradford since the mill opened in 1853.

The original buildings were a ticket office and waiting room which had design elements in keeping with the village’s Italianate style.

In addition to the station there was a siding with a series of turntables built into the tracks. This allowed individual carriages and wagons to be de-coupled and raw materials/finished goods to be dealt with swiftly, without affecting the passenger line. It was a truly bespoke solution for the site’s unique location.

Saltaire station closed in 1965, a victim of Beeching’s cuts, and the building was demolished in 1970. The larger station in nearby Shipley was seen as a suitable alternative. Within 20 years this decision was reversed, and the renewal of passenger traffic was a key factor in Saltaire’s recovery.


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