The Sunday School

The Congregational Sunday School

This very impressive building was constructed on a prime site originally intended for a grand hotel, on the corner of Victoria Road and Caroline Street.

In 1875 Salt gave the site to the Congregational Church to enable the building of a Sunday School. As a congregationalist himself, he supported the construction costs, providing £7000 of the £10,000 total. The contract was again won by Lockwood and Mawson. This was the final large-scale construction in the village during Titus Salt’s lifetime. It opened in 1876.

Inside, the school was generously proportioned: an assembly room with a capacity of 800 and 22 classrooms surrounding it. Preparation for a well-balanced, moral adulthood was a central aspect of the school’s teaching and a high standard of behaviour was expected from all pupils. There were many lively activities such as concerts, walks, and games of billiards.

The Sunday School was demolished in 1972 and not replaced. The site provides car parking and space for a monthly Farmers’ Market. Two of its corners are used by ‘Veg on the Edge’ to grow flowers and vegetables.


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