Shops in Saltaire

Shops in Saltaire

The first row of 11 shops was completed in 1854 on Victoria Road, including a post office which is now Saltaire Canteen. In the 1860s this site was the first home of the Saltaire Literary Society & Institute, with a Library and Reading Room freely available to all in the village.

Titus took a personal interest in the village shops and personally vetted all tenants. Notably absent were public houses. Whilst not a tee-totaller, Titus regarded pubs as a bad influence. He provided no land or money to something that would divert the attention of his workers or detract from the productivity of his business.

Despite his attitude, nearby land was available and local entrepreneurs were quick to take advantage. The Rosse Hotel is the oldest public house in Saltaire, licensed from 1870. There were also over 30 pubs in neighbouring Shipley.


Gordon Terrace

Gordon Terrace, now part of Bingley Road, was constructed on the Bradford to Keighley Turnpike. It represents the southern boundary of Saltaire. Originally, it was built with only two shops, one at either end, with a row of conventional houses in between.

The houses had a pleasant view across open fields beyond the road until the other side was built in 1880. As the road became more heavily used and the village expanded, it became less attractive for residences and more beneficial as an expanded shopping area.


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