Milner Field

What was Milner Field?

Although the site is a mile or so from the village, many visitors to Saltaire have heard stories of the former mansion of Milner Field near Gilstead.

It was built as a gift for Titus Jnr on land purchased by his father in 1873 towards the end of the building programme of Saltaire. Designed by Thomas Harris, it was described as a ‘Wagnerian Gothic Retreat’ and certainly made an imposing landmark.

Milner Field had a short life, despite the cost of £21,000 to build the house and construct its 45 acres of private gardens. The house developed a very disturbing reputation.

Deaths of various owners, including Titus Jr. himself led to stories of hauntings and curses. Despite this, various managing directors of the mill made it their home until the 1920s.

Milner Field’s chequered history ended with demolition in 1950 following 20 years of dereliction. Due to its unfavorable reputation no buyer could be found. The two gatehouses remain, one at the Saltaire end of the property, and the other higher up at Gilstead. Other traces are an archway that once led to the rear courtyard, and brick walls of the extensive gardens.


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